I grew up skateboarding locally and had plans to move to California to turn Pro.... then after September 11th, I decided I needed to join the military at 17. I graduated high school a year early and joined the month after. Due to my aggressive skating style and the profession I choose in the military, I was forced to hang up my skateboard for the rest of my career for risk of being injured and possibly missing a deployment. TRIBE SK8Z custom boards, artwork and apparel are all hand made within the United States... because we love and support our country and we hope you do too!

I managed to remain active in the sport, but now as a spectator. As retirement is rapidly approaching I thought it is time to get back to my roots and refocus my passion on what I love... Skateboarding, aggressive lifestyle, tattoos and supporting veteran charities. The idea about making custom skateboards started when I was sitting in my buddies tattoo chair getting some work done. I asked my close friend “Joey Nobody” if he would donate some time to design some graphics for this company I wanted to start. We have been designing memorial art for fundraisers for over 16 years together and Joey jumped at the chance to do something completely different. With the addition of Joey to the team and his amazing artistic abilities, we have been able to do something never seen before. We can take your idea from concept to reality in a few hours and build you a custom 1 of 1 art piece.






I have been in the craft of tattooing for 35 years, aiding and helping in its legalization both in New York as well as here in Virginia, and especially in becoming the exclusive tattoo artist for the Special Warfare/Law Enforcement/Fire Communities for the better part of it. Now, as I have moved onto more graphic design and illustration, lending my skills to Books, Film/Television, and Apparel Concepts, it seemed to be a great fit to partner up with two of my closest friends in this new Adventure...SKATEBOARDS. It feels good to brainstorm, collaborate and then see the creativity come to life in your hand, hanging on the wall, or shredding a curb. I think TRIBESK8Z will lend itself to each client's LEGACY!


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